What Is Cedar Siding?

What Is Cedar Siding?

How long does cedar siding last?

How long can I expect my cedar siding to last? Cedar siding endures the elements well and if maintained properly can last many years. Some manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years or more. Cedar is classified as a durable species.

Is Cedar good siding?

Cedar siding is unquestionably beautiful, and unbelievably durable. Unfortunately, it is expensive and can be high maintenance. Most people who choose cedar do so for the beauty of the wood, without concern for the expense and maintenance. If you don’t have to worry about the cost of siding, cedar may be your choice.

Is cedar siding better than vinyl?

Cedar siding is made out of a naturally resilient, water-resistant, and pest-resistant wood. It’s generally considered to be more valuable than vinyl siding, though the differences in their appearance have become largely negligible.

Is cedar siding expensive?

Cedar is pricey, at an average of $5-7 per square foot. The installation process is less involved than fiber cement siding. But this is offset by the frequent upkeep required—including repainting, restaining, replacing rotted boards, etc.

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What are the disadvantages of cedar wood?

Cedar Disadvantage

  • Requires Maintenance. Due to being softwood, cedar needs regular maintenance.
  • Flammable. Cedar is a flammable wood.
  • Fading Color. Changes color over time due to chemical reactions.
  • Sensitive. Cedar is a sensitive wood.
  • Weakness. While cedar is a common material in construction.

Is cedar siding bad?

As is the case with other types of wood siding, cedar is flammable unless specially treated. It requires regular maintenance in the form of repainting or re-staining every three to five years. Despite a higher resistance, cedar is still more prone to rot, woodpeckers, and insect damage than artificial alternatives.

Does cedar siding attract termites?

Cedar is commonly believed to be a termite -repellent wood, but the truth is, these pests will eat it if they have to. That said, termites are less attracted to cedar than other types of wood. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that’s because cedar contains allelochemicals.

Does cedar siding attract bugs?

Cedar has a porous structure compared to other woods. Cedar is used in areas that tend to attract destructive insects because it repels them so well. This is the same benefit that you will see on the exterior of your home.

How long will untreated cedar siding last?

Cedar Siding If left untreated, cedar has the potential to last 15 to 20 years.

Why is cedar siding so expensive?

Fiber cement siding runs a few dollars less per square foot than cedar siding, and requires more labor to install because it is heavy and, hence, durable. Cedar siding is more costly to maintain than fiber cement siding because it needs to be treated or painted more often.

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Does cedar siding add value to your home?

Although cedar is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum siding, its insulating qualities will cut your energy bills. Cedar also tends to last longer than vinyl or aluminum, and it often boosts your home’s resale value.

How much does cedar siding cost?

Cedar wood siding costs anywhere from $6 to $12 per square foot. If you were to install cedar siding on a 1,500 square foot home you could expect to pay around $15,000.

Does Home Depot carry cedar siding?

Cedar – Wood Siding – Siding – The Home Depot.

How much does it cost to cedar shake a house?

The average cost to install cedar shake siding ranges from $8.50 to $14.50 per square foot, depending on job complexity and location. You can expect to pay between $17,000 and $29,000 for a contractor to install new cedar shake siding on a typical house with 2,000 square feet of siding.

How much does a bundle of cedar shakes cost?

Cedar shakes cost around $130 per bundle or $400 per square.

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