What Color Siding With Red Brick?

What Color Siding With Red Brick?

What color siding goes with red brick?

Colors that Work

  • Sage: Sage green is the complement of red brick.
  • Black and/or white: You really can’t go wrong with these two colors.
  • Brown and tan: Neutral colors flow perfectly with red brick because they basically match everything.

What color siding goes well with brick?

5 Fresh Siding Colors to Use with Brick

  • Muted Forest Green. There is no more classic combination than a faded green with an equally faded red, and that’s what you get when you pair a muted forest green siding with red brick.
  • Deep Burgundy.
  • Fresh-Faced Green.
  • Dark Blue Green.
  • Light Neutral.

Does GREY go with red brick?

In the comments, let’s talk about colors that you love with red brick. Of course, there are other colors that I like too, but sticking with the cool blacks, dark grays as above is always a pretty sure thing.

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What goes with red brick house?

The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes (and what not to do)

  • Update a red brick home with dark blue!
  • Creamy Beige & Black Look Timeless.
  • Cream vs. White for Classic Colonial.
  • DON’T use clean whites or fresh colors or reds.

Does green siding go with red brick?

Green. Another cool option to pair with your red brick is green.

What color mulch looks best with red brick?

If you have a red brick home, you may want to forgo red mulch to avoid clashing and instead choose brown mulch. On the other hand, red mulch would look good with a white home. Black mulch is excellent for grey and contemporary homes.

Why would you put siding over brick?

So, the question is: Can you put siding over brick? If the surface is level and smooth, you can apply siding to almost any type of exterior wall. However, brick walls aren’t exactly smooth and level, so it’s more difficult and requires more work.

How do you match siding to brick?

Exact Match If you want your home’s exterior to have a cohesive look, choose a siding color that matches your brick as closely as possible. For example, if your brick is reddish in tone, complement it with red siding. With brown brick, go with chocolate brown siding.

What color siding goes best with white brick?

dark or light grey. white or cream. sage green. black (yes, black can work in modern homes)

Is red brick out of style?

While classic red brick is always in style, in recent years, gray bricks and limewashed bricks that give a house a vintage whitewashed look are popping up in new housing developments. Homeowners can further customize the look by choosing from a handful of mortar colors, ranging from white to deep gray.

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What Colour GREY goes with red brick?

Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray SW 7504 SW Keystone Gray is another amazing paint color that complements red brick. This mid-toned neutral works wonders when paired with brick. Keystone Gray is not really a gray, I’d consider it to be more of a warm greige.

What color exterior goes with red brick?

Help mellow it out with the use of exterior house colors that go with red brick like blue-grey and taupe. Blue Zephyr is perfect for use on the trim while taupe offers an additional layer of understated contrast for the door.

What color of flowers look best with a red brick house?

Now, should you happen to live in a place with red brick exteriors or terra cotta or salmon shades, those shades can be cooled with a selection of flowers in tones of soft pinks, blues and maroons, Freytag advises.

What Colour front door goes with red brick?

The best front door colour for a red brick house is a dark blue door. This is based on the colour theory that the orangey hue of a red brick is complemented by its opposite on the colour wheel, which is dark blue.

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