Readers ask: What Is Shake Siding?

Readers ask: What Is Shake Siding?

What is the shake on a house?

The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau defines a shake as wood roofing that is split on one or both sides. In the U.S., cedar shakes are the most popular and are typically crafted into shape by hand, although some are manufactured with power equipment.

What is the difference between shingles and shakes?

Cedar shakes are split off while shingles are sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered. Lastly, shakes are thicker than shingles. Durability – Generally speaking, cedar shakes are more durable and last longer than shingles because they are thicker and made from premium grade wood.

How long does shake siding last?

Cedar siding must be properly maintained at all times to reach its maximum lifespan, with many planks needing to be replaced after just 10 to 15 years, and even well-maintained cedar siding may only last around 20 to 30 years in some climates.

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Is shake siding good?

Cedar Shake Siding Cedar shakes lend their natural beauty to the exterior charm of your home and are also one of the more durable types of wood siding. Many people enjoy the distinctive look of cedar shakes, and this product can also provide you with a decent return on investment when it comes to your home’s value.

What is the best shake siding?

Shake Siding: 4 Best Materials for Your House

  • Vinyl Shake Siding. Vinyl siding remains the Number 1 Best Selling material in the US, because it offers the best value on all siding styles.
  • Fiber Cement Shakes.
  • Engineered Wood Cedar Shake Siding.
  • Natural Cedar Shake Siding.

Is shake siding more expensive?

While Vinyl Shake siding is more expensive that a typical lap vinyl siding ($6.35 vs $4.79 per square foot), it offers a durable & beautiful alternative to real wood shakes, at a mere fraction of the cost.

What are shake shingles used for?

Modern shake roofing is the ultimate in style and protection. It replicates the look of wood shakes, while offering the high fire and wind resistance of asphalt shingles. They’re thicker than regular asphalt shingles and are more resistant to wind, snow and ice, which is why they’re growing in popularity.

What is the life expectancy of a wood shake roof?

But how long will your cedar shake roof actually last? As long as it’s properly installed and with proper maintenance, you can expect to get 30 years of life out of your cedar shake roof. If you invest in quality materials and live in an area with the right conditions, you could possibly get up to 50 years out of it.

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Are shakes shingles?

While many people use the terms interchangeably, shingles and shakes are not the same. Here’s the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau description: “Generally, a shingle is sawn on both sides and is thinner at the butt than a shake. A shake is typically split on one or both sides. …

How much does shake siding cost?

Shake Siding Costs This type of siding also runs between $6.50 and $13.75 per square foot for materials and labor. Shake is much like Shingle in that it mimics shingle roofing.

Is there vinyl siding that looks like cedar shakes?

Tando Shake and Shingle siding is a new-age siding that mimics the timeless look of cedar shake and shingles. Excellent for dormers, gables, and entire homes, Tando Shake and Shingle is the modern solution for a classic look.

When should I replace my shake roof?

But if shakes are disappearing on the regular, it may be time to talk to a professional about replacing. Serious shake damage. Severe splitting, curling, and buckling are all signs of a roof in need of serious help—and maybe a complete replacement.

What is the major disadvantage of cedar shakes?

One of the biggest drawbacks to these types of roofing materials is the maintenance. Cedar wood is susceptible to the growth of moss, mold and mildew. They are also more susceptible to wood rot, insect filtration and general damage to the shingles and shakes.

Are cedar shakes more expensive?

Wood siding isn’t as popular as it once was, but cedar shake and shingles display the beauty of wood in a prominent way. It tends to be more expensive than other wood siding options, due mostly to labor, and has some advantages over other wood siding options.

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Does cedar shake siding rot?

Prone to Mold, Mildew, and Insects While cedar is more durable and protected than other types of wood like pine, it is still a natural material. Once mold begins to grow, your shakes can start to rot, and they will need to be replaced.

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