Readers ask: How To Install Cedar Siding Shingles?

Readers ask: How To Install Cedar Siding Shingles?

What do I put under cedar shingles?

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau recommends installation over Type 30 asphalt felt underlayment for red cedar shingles and shakes. Install the felt paper with minimum 6-inch overlaps on vertical joints, 2 inches on horizontal laps, and 4 inches wrapped each way at inside and outside corners.

Where do you nail cedar shingles?

Place two nails 2 cm (3/4 in.) from each edge of the cedar shingle and 4 cm (1 1/2 in.) above the exposure. To avoid buckling, allow 3 to 6 mm (1/8 to 1/4 in.)

How do you nail cedar siding?

Fasten bevel siding in place using one nail per bearing or stud, spaced a maximum of 24 inches on center. Place the nail just above the overlap. Do not nail through the overlap of the two pieces. All butt joints should be staggered, and the butt joints should fit snugly where the siding meets the trim.

Are cedar shingles waterproof?

Are cedar shingles waterproof? Cedar wood shingles are prone to mold, mildew, and insects. It is important to note that the wood on a cedar roof is not intended to be waterproof, and is therefore quite susceptible to wind-driven rain. Any natural product exposed to water is vulnerable to mold, mildew and erosion.

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What type of nails should I use for cedar siding?

Hot-Dipped galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel nails are all corrosion-resistant and all can be used to nail Western Red Cedar. Other types of nails are not recommended. They can rust and disintegrate and react adversely with the natural preservative oils present in cedar resulting in stains and streaks.

What size nails do you use for cedar shingles?

Staples must be 16 gauge with crowns 7/16″ minimum horizontal, maximum 3/4″ horizontal to the Certi-label shake or shingle butt. Fasteners, two (2) per shake or shingle, shall be applied approximately 3/4″ from the edge and approximately 1 1/2″ above the exposure line.

Can you use a brad nailer for cedar shingles?

A regular brad nailer? That will make our task easy as we will only need to identify a nail gun that shoots the accepted nails.. Now, here is what the CSSB says about fasteners for cedar shingles: “ Use either rust-resistant staples or shingle nails (1-1/4” to 1-1/2” long), galvanized, in stainless steel or aluminum”.

Can you staple cedar siding?

The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau prefers the use of nails, however if you choose to use staples they must be stainless steel Type 316 in locations within fifteen (15) miles of salt water. For locations outside of the salt water zone – stainless steel staples Type 304 or Type 316 must be used.

Can you use a nail gun on cedar siding?

The answer is, yes. Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing.

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Does cedar siding need to be caulked?

Generally, you don’t need to caulk cedar siding that has been installed within the last 10-15 years. However, sometimes poor workmanship on a building could result in you having to caulk siding and joints. And other times, old cedar siding will simply need a bit of upkeep.

How do you keep cedar siding looking new?

How to Keep Your Cedar Siding Looking Like New

  1. Stain Soon After Installation. Staining your cedar siding will considerably slow down the siding’s change in appearance.
  2. Maintain Your Cedar Siding Every 3 to 5 Years.
  3. Embrace the Natural Weathering of Cedar Siding.

How much is a bundle of cedar shingles?

Comparing Per Square & Bundle Prices of Shakes

Type Per Square Per Bundle
Cedar $400 $130
Wood $350 $120
Composite $325 $110

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