Readers ask: How To Cut Fiber Cement Siding?

Readers ask: How To Cut Fiber Cement Siding?

What do you use to cut fiber cement siding?


  1. When cutting fiber – cement siding with circular saw, use a blade that has only four or six teeth.
  2. To keep dust to a minimum, use a circular saw that’s equipped with either a dust-collection bag or electric fan that blows dust into a bucket.
  3. For a slow, but virtually dustless way to cut siding, use power shears.

How do you cut Hardie siding?

To cut a 4 ⅛” hole in HardiePlank siding so that you can insert your dryer vent, we recommend using the Exchange-A-Blade 4 ⅛” carbide tipped hole saw. This hole saw is deeper than your standard hole saw so it cuts right through the wall—through the fiber cement siding and the ½” plywood substrate below it.

How do you drill a hole in cement siding?

  1. Mark the position where the hole should be drilled.
  2. Put on safety goggles whenever drilling, sawing or nailing cement fiber siding. Wear a dust mask or respirator.
  3. Drill a small hole using an electric drill and drill bit.
  4. Drill larger holes with a circular attachment on the drill or use a RotoZip tool.
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How do you nail fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding can be nailed by hand or with a pneumatic nailer. It can also be attached using corrosion resistant screws. Use hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails. Nails should penetrate through the sheathing and at least 1” into studs.

How long does fiber cement siding last?

With regular TLC, your fiber cement siding can last 50 years or more—now that’s what I call long -lasting!

What do you cut cement board with?

Score-and-Snap The simplest way to cut cement backer board is to score the surface and snap the sheet along the scored line, similar to the way you ‘ d cut drywall. In fact, you can use a drywall utility knife to score backer board, but a better option is a carbide-tipped scoring tool.

Can you cut Hardie board with a utility knife?

A carbide-tipped scoring knife is recommended, but you can also use a utility knife or shears. Never use a high-speed grinder to cut cement board indoors, since this can create a dust hazard. Here’s how to perform a straight cut on your HardieBacker Cement Board: 1.

Can you cut Hardie board with a circular saw?

Straight cuts in cement backer board can be made using a circular saw. Cement backer board can be cut with a carbide-tipped scoring tool, just score and snap the sheet, similar to cutting drywall.

Can you cut Hardie board with diamond blade?

For a larger project, use a fiber cement saw blade with polycrystalline diamond tips; if you ‘re installing Hardie siding on a shed or other small building you can use a fiber cement saw blade with carbide tips. For installations with more or longer cuts, the carbide blade will burn out much more quickly.

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Will Hardie board hold a screw?

Do you nail or screw Hardie board? Fasteners must be corrosion resistant, galvanized or stainless steel. Electro-galvanized nails are acceptable for use with James Hardie Siding Products, but may exhibit premature corrosion. James Hardie recommends the use of quality, hot-dipped galvanized nails.

Can you drill a hole in Hardie board?

HardiePlank is available as ready-to-paint or with a color layer. Although the siding does not require drilling pilot holes, you may need to run wire or cable through the siding, necessitating drilling a hole.

Can you screw into Hardie board siding?

Can you screw James Hardie siding? If you mean “ can you put screws into James Hardie siding ” the answer is yes. Otherwise, you may have landed on the wrong website. James Hardie boards can technically be drilled like wood, but it is best to use a masonry bit to drill this tough fiber-cement board.

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