Quick Answer: What Is Stone Siding?

Quick Answer: What Is Stone Siding?

How long does stone siding last?

Natural stone siding can last for a century or more, especially with occasional maintenance and repair. Manufactured stone and faux stone siding often come with manufacturer warranties that guarantee the quality of the materials under normal conditions; these can range from 20 to 75 years, depending on the product.

Is Stone Siding expensive?

Natural stone siding costs $30 to $48 per square foot of material installed. Average cost: $57,000 – $125,082.

Siding Type Cost per Sq. ft Installation Cost (2000 sq. ft home)
Natural Stone $28 – $50 $76,000 +
Faux Stone $5 – $10 $16,000 +
Manufactured Stone $6 – $12 $20,000 +
Stone Veneer $6 – $15 $26,500 +


Is Stone Siding durable?

Artificial stone veneer siding is long-lasting and durable. Manufacturers’ warranties range from 20 to 75 years. If properly installed, faux stone veneer siding is maintenance-free and more fire- resistant than wood or vinyl siding.

What are the advantages of stone siding?

The two main advantages driving people to choose natural stone cladding are its aesthetics and durability. Each piece has its own unique textures, color tones and imperfections making no two stone feature walls the same. A quality natural stone wall will weather well and last many years to come.

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What are the disadvantages of stone siding?

Stone veneer disadvantages: Harsh chemicals will mar the appearance. Faux stone is not as tough as real stone, but it is as strong as wood, vinyl siding or fiber cement. Earthquakes, tremors and vibrations from close, heavy traffic can cause mortar to crack.

Is stone veneer cheaper than real stone?

Faux stone veneer is designed from natural stone to give it an authentic look and feel, and is pre-engineered to make installation easy. Not to mention, stone veneer is environmentally friendly, cheaper than natural stone and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Does stone veneer increase home value?

Not only does stone give your home a sophisticated look, but it actually adds value to your home. Value Report, you can recoup up to 93 percent of the value of natural stone veneer. This makes stone veneer a natural choice when considering options to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Is there siding that looks like stone?

Realistic Stone Look – Polyurethane formulation molds are case from actual stone and our unique manufacturing process gives the most authentic synthetic stone look on the market today.

What siding is the cheapest?

Vinyl – most economical and versatile Vinyl siding continues to be the Number 1 siding material installed on homes across the US and Canada. Its so overwhelmingly popular because this is the most affordable siding type, which even the most budget-conscious homeowner can install.

What is the best stone siding?

Eldorado Stone dominated the ‘Manufactured Stone ‘ category, winning all four subcategories: Brand Familiarity, Brands Used in the Past Two Years, Brands Used Most and Quality Rating. The brand also ranked number one in three out of four subcategories under ‘ Siding: Brick and Brick Veneer.

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Is Stone Siding good for House?

With texture and natural colors topping the list of trends for home exteriors today, many homeowners are turning toward stone veneer siding as a way to enhance their curb appeal. And when done right, stone veneer can have an attractive appearance that really livens up a home’s exterior looks.

How much does it cost to stone face a house?

Stone veneer siding costs range from $5.50 to $10.75 per square foot installed. The cost to install stone veneer siding on an average sized 1,500 sq. Average cost: $8,254 – $18,125.

Siding Type Cost per Sq. ft Installation Cost (2000 sq. ft home)
Stone Veneer $6 – $15 $26,500 +
Natural Stone $28 – $50 $76,000 +


Is stone veneer siding expensive?

Stone veneer siding can add an attractive element to your property’s exterior, but it can come at a high cost. To replace 300 square feet of vinyl siding with stone veneer costs an average of about $9,350, according to Remodeling, putting it on the more costly end of the exterior upgrade spectrum.

Does manufactured stone fade?

Manufactured stone can deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to natural elements such as rain, sunlight, dirt and wind. As manufactured stone is typically tinted with a paint, the colors are will fade and discolor after being exposed to light over a few years.

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