Quick Answer: How To Make A Story Pole For Siding?

Quick Answer: How To Make A Story Pole For Siding?

What is a story pole used for in siding?

A storey pole (or story pole, storey rod, story stick, jury stick, scantling, scantillon) is a length of narrow board usually cut to the height of one storey. It is used as a layout tool for any kind of repeated work in carpentry including stair-building, framing, timber framing, siding, brickwork, and setting tiles.

What is a story pole used for when installing shingle or lap siding?

On houses with lap siding, it makes sense to use a story pole to keep the courses consistent. The siding on this house is broken up by windows and doors whose trim extend the full height of the wall, so the layout is very simple: small sections of siding fill the spaces between.

Why is a story pole better than a tape measure?

A story pole is a homemade measuring rod on which the only markings are ones you make yourself, specifically for the job at hand. For many projects a story pole is easier to manipulate than a tape or a fold-up ruler, and because it contains no extraneous information it acts as a check against careless errors.

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What is a story pole and how is it used in pipeline layout?

Story poles are often used to assist in the construction design process or may be required by a local agency prior to project approval. They help to represent the silhouette of a proposed structure or possible addition to an existing building.

What is a story pole meaning?

Story poles are three-dimensional, full-scale, silhouette structures that outline the location, bulk and mass that a proposed structure or addition will occupy on a site. Story poles allow staff, neighbors and others to assess the location and general massing of a proposed building from various vantage points.

What is a story pole in construction terms?

: a pole cut to the proposed clear height between finished floor and ceiling and often marked with minor dimensions (as for door trims and dadoes) that is used especially by carpenters and bricklayers.

How do you deal with outside corners when installing wood siding?

For outside corners you can use preformed metal corners or a corner post. For inside corners use an inside corner made from wood stock.

What does exposure of a shingle mean?

A shingle’s exposure is the portion of the shingle left uncovered by the one above it. Proper shingle exposure is achieved by carefully layering the shingles as you work up the roof plane. The proper shingle exposure can depend on the size of the shingle, its material and the desired look of the roof.

Does vinyl siding have to be nailed to studs?

Vinyl siding must never be applied directly to studs without sheathing. As an alternative, installation of specific types of drop-in contoured foam underlayments for various styles of vinyl siding are available.

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