Quick Answer: How To Install Wood Shingle Siding?

Quick Answer: How To Install Wood Shingle Siding?

What do I put under cedar shingles?

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau recommends installation over Type 30 asphalt felt underlayment for red cedar shingles and shakes. Install the felt paper with minimum 6-inch overlaps on vertical joints, 2 inches on horizontal laps, and 4 inches wrapped each way at inside and outside corners.

How much do you overlap cedar shingles?

Leave a gap of approximately 1/8” to 1/4” (0.3 to 0.6 cm) between neighboring shingles to allow for expansion due to moisture. Joints of successive courses must always be offset by at least 1 1/2” (3.8 cm) to prevent water build-up. Treat shingle imperfections the same way.

What goes under wood shingles?

Underlayment Specifications for Wood Shingle & Shake Roofs Wood Roof Shingles: Over solid sheathing, use minimum No. 30 felt lapped at least 3 inches horizontally and 6 inches at end laps. Over spaced sheathing, no underlayment is used except at the eaves if eaves flashing is required.

What is the difference between wood shingles and wood shakes?

Cedar shakes are split off while shingles are sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered. Lastly, shakes are thicker than shingles. Durability – Generally speaking, cedar shakes are more durable and last longer than shingles because they are thicker and made from premium grade wood.

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Are wood shingles good?

Chemically treated wood will outlast untreated shakes and shingles and a shake will survive longer than a shingle. Both asphalt and treated wood shingles can survive up to 30 years on a roof, given ideal conditions. Durability Cedar shingles are resistant to insects but not large amounts of rain.

Are cedar shingles waterproof?

Are cedar shingles waterproof? Cedar wood shingles are prone to mold, mildew, and insects. It is important to note that the wood on a cedar roof is not intended to be waterproof, and is therefore quite susceptible to wind-driven rain. Any natural product exposed to water is vulnerable to mold, mildew and erosion.

Can you use house wrap under shingles?

Since the change to stapling shingles instead of nailing, the roofing manufacturers now recommend a much stronger membrane product very similar to house wrap. House wrap is the same thing as roofing wrap essentially. It breathes out and is water resistant. Should be fine.

Can you glue cedar shingles?

No, cedar shingles should typically not be glued. Natural wood expands and contracts with time, temperature, and humidity. Gluing may restrict the shingles natural ability to aclimate to the environment.

How many nails are in a square of cedar shingles?

The standard required amount of nails for cedar shingles is 320 pieces per square. For areas with a lot of wind, six nails for each shingle might be needed, which means you need 480 nails for each square.

How long do wood shingles last?

A wood shingle roof can last up to 30 years but requires annual upkeep. Cedar is the preferred choice for wood shingles (also called “shakes”) because it’s rot- and insect-resistant.

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Can you shingle over plywood?

A: It is never a good idea to install a roof over wet plywood or any type of roof sheathing. Trapped water will boil when the sun heats the roof and the shingles will then have small pits where the steam finally escapes.

What is the maximum exposure of 24 wood roofing shakes?

Allowable Exposure So, if you look at a roof with 24 – inch shakes installed and you can see 10 inches of the length of each shake, the exposure is 10 inches.

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