Question: Where To Buy Alside Vinyl Siding?

Question: Where To Buy Alside Vinyl Siding?

Is alside a good siding?

Our top-rated vinyl siding holds up well in most climates. Alside Charter Oak offers a winning combination of performance and price. At $95 per square, it’s the only Best Buy in our siding ratings.

How much does alside siding cost?

Alside siding prices range from $3 to $7.50 per square foot for the panels, all materials and the installation costs.

What is the best alside siding?

What are the Best Vinyl Siding Brands?

  • Georgia Pacific Siding.
  • James Hardie Siding.
  • Kaycan Siding.
  • Mastic (Ply Gem) Siding.
  • Mitten Siding.
  • Napco Siding.
  • Norandex Siding.
  • Royal Siding.

Who makes alside siding?

A division of Associated Materials, LLC, Alside is a recognized leader in the home improvement industry, and is a charter member of the Vinyl Siding Institute, the American Association of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

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How much does it cost to side a 1500 sq ft house?

Aluminum siding costs An average 1,500 square foot house would cost around $7,700 for standard aluminum siding and upwards of $11,000 for custom grades after labor and material costs.

What color siding is best for resale?

Here are some of the siding colors that offer the best resale value for your home:

  • Shades of blue: the best shades of blue are on both ends of the color.
  • Grays: you can never go wrong with any shade of grey for your home.

Is thicker vinyl siding worth it?

Siding thickness is a good factor to consider first. Remember the simple rule that thicker siding usually indicates greater quality. Thicker siding stays strong in extreme weather conditions and usually resists minor fading from sun exposure better than thinner styles.

Do I need house wrap behind vinyl siding?

There is no logical reason not to have house wrap under vinyl siding, and many authorities strongly agree that it should be viewed as mandatory, even if your local building codes don’t necessarily require it. Another benefit of quality vinyl siding is that it is highly water-resistant when correctly installed.

What is the most durable siding?

What Is the Most Durable Type of Siding?

  • Engineered Wood. As the most durable siding on the market, engineered wood combines the aesthetics of real wood with engineered wood strand technology for superior durability.
  • Vinyl Siding.
  • Fiber Cement.
  • Traditional Wood.
  • Cedar Shake.
  • Aluminum.

Is it cheaper to replace vinyl siding or paint it?

Affordability – Paint is Cheap The cost of painting is considerably less than replacing vinyl siding as it requires less labor and cheaper materials. Whether you decide to turn the repainting into a DIY project or end up hiring a professional, there will be less work required compared to replacing the siding.

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Where is the best place to buy vinyl siding?

  • The Home Depot. Where else?
  • ABC Supply. If you’re a tradesperson looking to buy a large amount of vinyl siding or a homeowner with a considerable area to cover, look no further than ABC Supply, who are a leading wholesale distributor of vinyl siding, as well as a variety of other products.
  • Lowe’s.
  • Alibaba.

What is the best grade of vinyl siding?

The thickness of each siding varies depending on the grade of the siding. In most cases, homeowners prefer the super-thick grade siding which is around 0.50 thick as it gives a good balance between the price and the amount of durability that you can get.

Does alside own Gentek?

Alside buying Gentek for $118 million. Associated Materials Inc. is acquiring Cleveland-based Gentek Building Products Inc. in a $118 million cash deal.

Can you buy vinyl siding by the piece?

Yes. Just make sure they are by the same manufacturer or at least will lock together at the horizontal connections. Best to take an actual sample piece of existing siding to your building supply so they can order the right product.

How thick is Alside vinyl siding?


Profile Clapboard
Projection 5/8″
Siding Thickness .044″ (nominal)
Texture(s) Subtle wood grain
Color(s) Featuring 24 colors

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