Question: When Nailing Plain Bevel Siding?

Question: When Nailing Plain Bevel Siding?

Do you nail the bottom of lap siding?

I actually prefer nailing the siding boards at the bottom, specifically because it holds the lap siding in much better than blind nailing (i.e. nailing at the top). The butt joints should be tight in your siding. This is a more recent installation practice, and you may have 1/8″ gaps between your siding joints.

Do you face nail lap siding?

The location of the face nail varies with whether the siding is wood or fiber cement. With wood, the face nail only secures the top lap panel and the tension of that panel holds the top edge of the panel lapped below it in place. This allows for expansion and contraction of both pieces of wood siding.

What nails should I use for cedar siding?

Hot-Dipped galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel nails are all corrosion-resistant and all can be used to nail Western Red Cedar. Other types of nails are not recommended. They can rust and disintegrate and react adversely with the natural preservative oils present in cedar resulting in stains and streaks.

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Is it better to paint or stain cedar siding?

The stain is Durable: Another important reason why stain lasts longer than paint on cedar siding is that they are durable enough to take foot traffic. In fact, food traffic results in more abrasion than regular paint is meant to take. Due to its durable nature, stain protects wood better than the normal paint.

Can you blind nail cedar lap siding?

Blind nailing is an extremely weak way to attach siding that is why they say don’t do it. So don’t do it or you will be redoing it in 2-3 years.

What nails do I use for lap siding?

Nails for lap siding, such as LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, should be 0.113-inch smooth shank diameter hot-dip galvanized nails.

Should you see nails in siding?

Lock the bottom of the panel into the panel below and push the top edge into the under-sill trim. The raised slots will catch and hold the panel firmly in place. Remember, don’t face- nail the siding.

What does face nailed mean?

Face nailing means sending any kind of nail perpendicular into a piece of material, with the nail head exposed. This is in contrast to blind nailing, where the nail is driven at an angle into the side of the wood (usually a floorboard) so that it will not be seen.

Can I use a finish nailer for siding?

The answer is, yes. Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. While it’s recommended to always use a siding nail gun for siding installation, in a pinch, you may be able to use a framing nailer instead.

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Can you use roofing nails for siding?

Each nailer is named for the job they fill. Siding nailers are for installing siding and roofing nailers are meant for installing roofing. Roofing Nails.

Siding Nails Roofing Nails
Smaller head Larger Head
Ring shank Smooth shank
Up to 2.5 inches long No longer than 1.75 inches


Can you use a nail gun on cedar siding?

1 Answer. Since it is cedar It needs to be fastened with stainless steel nails or otherwise you will have issues with the tannins in the cedar. It will bleed gray if galvanized nails are used. I would do this by hand to keep from cracking the siding, but if you want to use a nail gun, you will need a siding nail gun.

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