Question: How To Use Side Swiper Ii Siding Removal Tool?

Question: How To Use Side Swiper Ii Siding Removal Tool?

How do you use a Sideswiper II siding removal tool?


  1. INSERTION: Wedge tip of blade under overlapping panel and hook onto the back lip of buttlock.
  2. UNLOCKING: Pulling lip downward, slide the tool along the length of panel to unlock and expose nail row of panel to be removed.
  3. PANEL REPLACEMENT: Lock and nail replacement panel into place.

How do you use a ZIP tool on siding?

Starting at the bottom edge of the damaged siding panel, wiggle the curved tip of the zip tool blade under a loose spot at one end of the panel, hooking the tool onto the back lip of the buttlock. Look for a slightly enlarged hole at the end of the panel, which is designed for the zip tool to slide into.

How does siding snap together?

Each panel has a curved lip on the bottom edge, called the buttlock, that snaps into a track on the panel under it. Snapping panels together isn’t difficult, but it isn’t a job you can do with your fingers. Instead, use an inexpensive tool designed especially for the job.

Is there a tool to remove vinyl siding?

From the Manufacturer The Malco SRT2 Straight Handled Siding Removal Tool hooks onto the back lips of vinyl siding securely, without cutting or hanging up in material. Durable one piece steel design. Easy-to-grasp straight handle features a non-slip textured grip.

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Can you replace a window without removing the siding?

The answer, in short, is a resounding “yes!” Replacing your windows and siding concurrently allows your contractor to precisely set the capping around the window before they put the siding in place.

How can I replace J channel without removing siding?

How to Remove a J – Channel Without Harming the Siding

  1. Locate an edge of the siding.
  2. Thrust a zip tool up, hook first, beneath the overlap where the J – channel resides.
  3. Gently but firmly pull the tool down.
  4. Slide the zip tool approximately 12 inches over, and repeat the procedure on an attached part of the J – channel.

What tools do you need to install siding?

  1. Siding Gauge.
  2. Zip Lock Tool.
  3. Power Saw.
  4. Utility Knife.
  5. Tin Snips.
  6. Snap Lock Punch.
  7. Nail Hole Slot Punch.
  8. Measuring Tape.

Does vinyl siding have to be nailed to studs?

Vinyl siding must never be applied directly to studs without sheathing. As an alternative, installation of specific types of drop-in contoured foam underlayments for various styles of vinyl siding are available.

Can you replace siding yourself?

If you need to make a few minor repairs to siding, that should be easy enough. However, if you need to replace the entirety of your exterior home siding, taking it on yourself may not be feasible. You may need to reach out to some friends for help, just like you would to replace a shingle roof.

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