Question: How Much Does Lp Smart Siding Weigh?

Question: How Much Does Lp Smart Siding Weigh?

What size does LP Smart Siding come in?

LP ® SmartSide ® Precision Series panel siding is available in 3/8, 7/16 and 19/32 Performance Categories (nominal thicknesses of 9.5, 11 and 15 mm, respectively), 1,220 mm width and in lengths of 2,440, 2,745, and 3,050 mm.

What is the difference between SmartSide 38 vs 76?

What’s the difference between Series 38 and Series 76 Lap Siding? Other than material thickness, one main difference is 38 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs spaced a maximum of 16 inches o.c. whereas 76 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs a maximum of 24 inches o.c.

Can you rip LP SmartSide?

LP ® SmartSide ® trim and fascia are manufactured with a special edge coating which reduces moisture-related issues. Ripping and routing of the trim and fascia is not recommended, as it will leave the edges unprotected.

Is LP smart siding structural?

LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process helps keep out moisture for long- term durability and strength against harsh weather. Even after years of exposure, LP SmartSide products remain structurally sound, so you can feel confident.

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How much does LP Smart Siding Cost?

LP SmartSide cost: $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot for siding and all trim accessories. LP SmartSide installation: $5.00 to $10.00 per square foot. LP SmartSide total cost: $7.00 – 14.00 per square foot.

How do you calculate LP smart siding?

Add together the square footage you calculated for the sides of your home and the additional areas. Subtract the uncovered areas’ square footage from the total amount you calculated in step four. Divide this number by 100 to get the number of squares of siding you will need to order.

Why is LP siding bad?

LP’s Inner-Seal siding featured a 25-year warranty. However, in many cases, the siding rotted, disintegrated, and became discolored. Some plaintiffs alleged that the siding grew fungi. The product’s instability was readily apparent in the aftermath of South Florida’s devastating encounter with Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Do you need to prime LP SmartSide?

According to the terms of LP’s application instructions, all exposed edges of LP ® SmartSide ® siding and trim must be primed and painted with approved paint to protect the siding substrate. Therefore, do not prime the back side of the siding or trim.

Can SmartSide get wet?

Although most siding products are not completely waterproof nor flood resistant, LP® SmartSide ® Trim & Siding is engineered with LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process to withstand siding water damage and help protect your home from moisture.

Is Smart Siding any good?

For contractors, business owners and homeowners who want the look of wood without the maintenance or cost, LP SmartSide siding is a good fit. The company builds siding products that have the beauty and warmth of wood, but with added durability.

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How often do you have to paint LP smart siding?

LP ® SmartSide ® products should be painted as soon as possible after installation. They must be painted within 180-days of installation. Refer to the installation instructions for proper finishing of the siding and trim.

Is LP SmartSide fire resistant?

What is the fire rating? a. LP SmartSide is a class C (III) rated product when tested according to ASTM E84. All LP SmartSide siding can be used in a 1-hour fire rated assembly when it is installed over 5/8 type-X gypsum, which is consistent with other siding types such as fiber cement siding.

Does LP SmartSide need to be nailed into studs?

Do not apply siding over rain-soaked or buckled sheathing materials. Gutters are recommended for control of roof water run off. When strips are required, they must be installed VERTICALLY and nailed into wall studs, 16 in (405 mm) O.C., over the full height of the wall.

How long does it take to install LP smart siding?

Therefore, you can expect installation to take an average of 10 to 12 days. If the siding needs painting, expect the job to last an additional five days.

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