Often asked: What Paint For Cement Siding?

Often asked: What Paint For Cement Siding?

What is the best paint for fiber cement siding?

Sherwin-Williams Duration® Exterior Latex Coatings are the best topcoat choices for new fiber – cement siding. Because they have a substantially higher film build than conventional paints, only one coat is necessary over a primed surface – and Duration is guaranteed not to peel or blister.

What kind of paint do you use on Hardie siding?

To find out what paint to use when re- painting Hardie siding, check the link below. Most exterior paints that are commercially available these days will work, but always remember to select a 100% acrylic exterior paint – no oil-based paints or stains.

How do you paint cement board siding?

Clean all surfaces of the concrete siding with a low-pressure spray from a hose and a nylon brush. Make sure to remove all dirt from crevices. Allow the house and siding to dry for 2 to 4 days before starting to paint. Apply your all-weather acrylic primer if the siding is raw or you are repainting.

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How long does paint last on fiber cement siding?

Fiber Cement Must Be Repainted While a paint job on fiber cement siding lasts longer than wood—usually anywhere between five to fifteen years—it will eventually need to be redone.

How often should you paint fiber cement siding?

If you purchase prefinished fiber cement siding, you don’t need to worry about painting it when it’s time to install. Unfinished styles on the other hand should be painted shortly after installation. For both types, a new paint job can be done every 10 to 15 years.

Can cement siding be painted?

Most unpainted fiber cement siding will be primed at the factory once it’s shipped to you, so your professional exterior paint expert will be able to paint as soon as the siding is installed. Once all caulk is dry and your siding is clean, you’ll paint Hardie Plank with a high quality exterior grade acrylic latex.

Does Hardie board need to be waterproofed?

Passing ANSI 118.10 for waterproofness, HardieBacker® 500 Waterproof Cement Board protects tile installations and wall cavities from moisture penetration, eliminating the need to spend extra time applying waterproof coating across the entire surface area of your wall project.

Is Hardie board expensive?

The Cost. Hardie board siding runs about $0.70 to $5.25 per square foot. This could lead to a total cost of anywhere from $4,700 to $13,300.

Should cement board be waterproofed?

So, if you’re looking for durability and strength, concrete backer – board will probably be your choice. First, you should provide a waterproof /resistant membrane against the wood studs before installing the concrete backer – board to protect the wood studs from moisture absorbed through the backer – board.

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How do you paint new fiber cement siding?

To help your paint adhere to the fiber cement siding and to get the most uniform-looking finish on your paint job, the best practice is to apply one coat of a quality exterior latex stain-blocking or masonry primer to all of the siding.

Do you have to Prime Hardie board before painting?

Recommended Paint & Primer Sherwin-Williams Loxon Masonry Primer can be used to prime Hardie Board before painting. We know that Hardie comes pre- primed and they say you have 180 days to apply your top coat, but we usually opt to prime before painting just in case the primer is older than we think it is.

Can you pressure wash cement board siding?

Do not use a high- pressure hose to clean fiber cement siding. This is one of the few ways that you can damage it. If you feel that you need to use a pressure washer, especially on harder to reach locations, only use it at a low pressure — under 1500 psi — with a wide tip.

Does fiber cement siding increase home value?

If homeowners are wondering whether fiber – cement siding is a good investment for their home, the answer is yes. Homeowners can recover as much as 76 percent of the upfront cost, making fiber – cement siding the third best exterior renovation project for adding value at resale.

Is Hardie board maintenance free?

Hardie Board siding requires almost no maintenance year-round. Simply take your garden hose and a medium bristle nylon brush to clean it twice a year.

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