Often asked: What Is A Siding Punch?

Often asked: What Is A Siding Punch?

What is a siding punch used for?

This tool is used when installing vinyl siding. It is designed to perforate the siding and allows it to “snap” into the undersill trim and become secure.

How do you snap lock punch on siding?

Using the lifted side of the snap lock tool, place the backside of the vinyl siding in line with the pencil marks you made. Make sure you slide the snap lock device until the stop touches the edge of the vinyl siding; you can now push the handles together to create dimples on the vinyl siding.

What tools are needed for siding?

Basic Installation Tools and Equipment

  • Power Saw. A bench or radial-arm power saw can speed the cutting of the siding or soffit.
  • Utility Knife. Vinyl is easy to cut, trim, and score with a utility knife or scoring tool (Fig.
  • Tin Snips.

Where are Malco tools made?

Today, Malco Products, SBC is an American business that is proud to engineer, manufacture, assemble, and package specialty hand tools at our Annandale, MN plant.

Can you buy vinyl siding by the piece?

Yes. Just make sure they are by the same manufacturer or at least will lock together at the horizontal connections. Best to take an actual sample piece of existing siding to your building supply so they can order the right product.

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What is utility trim for vinyl siding?

Utility Trim: a piece of trim used any time the top lock has been removed from the siding, to secure a siding panel. Also referred to as “undersill” or “finish” trim; double utility trim is also available.

How do you crimp vinyl siding?

Push the top of the vinyl siding with the tabs into the utility trim,just enough to hold the edge and push the bottom against the second-to-last piece of siding. Push up gently until you hear a click. Be sure the top and bottom click into place.

What’s the best tool to cut vinyl siding?

A utility knife is typically the best tool for cutting vinyl siding when you’re making longitudinal cuts along the length of a plank. If you’re only making a few vertical cuts, it’s best to use tin snips or a hand saw.

What is needed to side a house?

List of Materials Needed for Installing Vinyl Siding

  • Carpenter’s square. Made of flat steel or aluminum, a carpenter’s square is the ideal tool to mark a straight edge for cutting.
  • Tin Snips. Tin Snips are used to easily cut the vinyl panels to the correct length.
  • Unlocking Tool.

What tools do you need to install wood siding?

What you ‘ll need to install wood siding:

  1. Measuring tape.
  2. Wood siding.
  3. Circular saw.
  4. Hammer, nails.
  5. Level.
  6. Drill.
  7. Wood trim.

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