Often asked: How To Attach A Deck To A House With Vinyl Siding?

Often asked: How To Attach A Deck To A House With Vinyl Siding?

How do you attach a ledger board to a house with vinyl siding?

For the most secure attachment, ensure the ledger board fastens to the rim joist, just below the floor of the house.

  1. Locate the rim joist and mark an outline on the siding where you want to position the ledger board using a tape measure, pencil and chalk line.
  2. Cut away the marked area of siding with tin snips.

Can you put a ledger board over siding?

In order to install the ledger board, you usually need to remove the house’s siding. Never install a ledger board over the top of siding no matter what you hear, this can weaken the connection. Set the blade depth so you won’t cut into the house sheathing below the siding.

Does a deck have to be attached to the house?

Or even a house with stucco, yes, you can bolt the ledger to the house, but the building envelope’s damage makes it better not to attach the deck to the house. Another reason not to attach a deck to the house is if the house is cantilevered. Building a Deck Beside the House but NOT Connected to the House.

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Floating Deck Footing Frost Deck Footing
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Can I attach a ledger board to wall studs?

USP WSWH5 Washer Head Screw can be used to attach a ledger to studs through one or two layers of 5/8″ gyp- sum wallboard (drywall). Screws are to be installed into the wide face of the 2x ledger, through the gypsum board and into the center of the narrow face of the 2x stud.

What does the ledger board attached to?

The deck ledger is the deck floor rim board attached to the house, and it should be positively connected to the floor structure of the main building with bolts or lag screws, not nails.

Is flashing required on a deck?

” Flashing is required where exterior porches, decks, or stairs attach to a wall or floor assembly of wood frame construction. where exterior porches, decks, or stairs attach to a wall or floor assembly of wood frame construction ”

What goes first siding or decking?

Deck first, then windows and then siding is the right order. The ledger for the deck wants to go against the sheeting behind the siding and the flashing goes on top the ledger and behind the house wrap with the decking on top of that, then the siding goes on.

Can you attach a deck to a brick house?

You should never attach a deck to a brick wall. The brick veneer must have a minimum of a 1-inch air space between the brick and the framing, but it can be up to 4.5″. A lag screw or bolt extending to the front of the brick simply cannot support deck loads at that location.

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How do I fill the gap between my house and deck?

Leave a 1/8-in. gap between the end of the ledger and the ends of siding and fill it with high-quality exterior caulk to keep water from leaking behind the ends of the ledger. Anchor deck joists to the ledger with joist hangers, filling each hole with galvanized joist hanger nails rated for pressure-treated wood.

How far should deck post be from house?

Ideal deck post spacing is 8 feet or less. The distance between deck support posts depends on the type of wood species used and the size of the joist and beam.

Is a deck considered a permanent structure?

A traditional deck has posts cemented below ground level, making the deck a permanent structure and subject to local building codes.

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