How To Make Trim For Shiplap Siding?

How To Make Trim For Shiplap Siding?

What kind of trim do you use with shiplap?

MDF baseboard molding for shiplap walls We used a 5 inch (1/2 inch thick) MDF (medium density fiberboard) baseboard molding as our plank material. It’s more affordable than wood, but really perfect for this type of installation.

Do you put trim around shiplap?

Your faux shiplap should be installed before anything else in the room — meaning baseboard, crown, and trim. If you have trim, very carefully notch out your shiplap with a saw and use wood filler/caulk to fill in the remaining gaps.

How do you finish shiplap edges?


  1. After all your shiplap is installed, run a bead of caulk around all seams where the shiplap terminates to a wall, or along inside corners.
  2. Fill in all your nail holes and seams between boards with wood filler and a putty knife.
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Should shiplap and trim be the same color?

If you have other molding in the room (e.g. base molding, doors/door trim, windows, etc.), then I would do it the same color for consistency. You may however want to do a different sheen for this other trim.

Do you start shiplap from the top or bottom?

Going from the bottom up is the way to go! Whether you are using tongue and groove boards or true rabbit edge shiplap – the process is the same. Once the next level board is in place insert a few of the paint sticks for an even gap between the two boards.

What is the cheapest way to do shiplap?

Beware of Home Improvement Centers Saws! The cheapest way to get thin wood shiplap strips at an exact height is to cut them out of 1/4″ plywood or MDF sheets (I went with maple plywood sheets because they seemed to be the smoothest of the 1/4″ plywood options at Lowes).

Should you paint shiplap before installing?

Tips for Painting Shiplap If you ‘re installing new shiplap, paint it prior to installation. It will be far easier to paint the edges before the shiplap is up on the wall.

Should I nail or screw shiplap?

Nails are the best options when installing shiplap cladding. Trim nails are faster to install than screws since you do not need to predrill the material and won’t be risking causing unsightly splits. They can also be easily covered or touched up if needed.

How do you hide seams in shiplap?

Before plywood and drywall, builders would line rooms in shiplap to keep them warm and dry, then cover it with a layer of muslin or cheesecloth and wallpaper to hide the shiplap’s seams.

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Do you remove baseboards when installing shiplap?

Remove the baseboards, install your shiplap, reinstall your baseboards, or. Keep your baseboards, and install shiplap boards that are equal to or have a shallower depth. This way, your shiplap can rest atop your baseboards and won’t stick out.

What is the best width for shiplap?

Fortunately, shiplap comes in numerous widths to best fit the interior design of your home; however, 5 ½-inch and 7 ¼ -inch are the most commonly used widths. You can use one width of shiplap board to create your home’s style, or you can mix the widths to create a unique design.

What size nail do I use for shiplap?

We recommend using 16- or 18- gauge finish or brad nails. 1-½” to 2” in length should be sufficient. Both gauges are strong enough to hold the lumber securely, but small enough as to not leave a large hole on the face of the board.

What color does Joanna Gaines paint her shiplap?

Alabaster is a highly popular paint color choice for shiplap. And you want to know why? It’s the color Joanna Gaines used in her home.

What is the best color for shiplap?

The modern farmhouse style is all about making a room feel comfortable and relaxing. To achieve this, shiplap walls should be painted in a light neutral gray or off white paint such as Cool Slate or Moth Gray, or even a luxurious dark blue like Goblin.

What paint color does Joanna Gaines use most?

The Most Popular Fixer Upper Paint Colors

  • Sherwin Williams – Alabaster.
  • Sherwin Williams – Silver Strand.
  • Sherwin Williams – Oyster Bay.
  • Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray.
  • Sherwin Williams – Mindful Gray.

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