How To Cut Siding For Gable Ends?

How To Cut Siding For Gable Ends?

How do you measure angles for cutting siding?

Measure the bottom piece of siding to the proper length, which is the length of the wall to the roof line minus 2 inches. Use a straightedge to help you transfer the angle you marked on the siding to the piece you are about to cut. The longest point of the angle should be at the top of the siding.

How do you calculate siding for a gable end?

For Gable Vinyl Siding

  1. Place your ladder in the middle of your gable.
  2. Measure from the bottom of roof/top of your home’s side to the peak of your roof.
  3. Write down the calculation, then divide it by 2.
  4. Multiply this number by the width of your home (#2 in the section above).

How do you cut siding to fit?

Fit your circular saw with a fine-toothed plywood- cutting blade (installed backwards for the cleanest cuts ). Put on your safety goggles, then line up the place you want to cut on your siding with your blade. Use the edge of your table as a guide and slowly saw off the excess siding.

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How do you find the gable angle?

Calculate the angle of the roof by determining the inverse tangent of the rise divided by the run. Make sure to use the same units for both measurements. For example, a roof with a 9:12 pitch has 9 inches of rise for 12 inches of run, so the angle is inverse tangent of (9/12) = 36.9 degrees.

What does gable end mean?

A gable wall or gable end more commonly refers to the entire wall, including the gable and the wall below it. A parapet made of a series of curves (Dutch gable ) or horizontal steps (crow-stepped gable ) may hide the diagonal lines of the roof.

How much siding do I need for a 2000 sq ft house?

In most cases, the cost of replacing siding on a 2,000 sq. ft. house is $7,095 – $10,248 for vinyl siding, and $13,895 – 20,071 for HardiePlank siding. However, there are many factors that can impact your total cost, such as removing old siding, installing more insulation, windows & doors copping, etc.

How is Gable length calculated?

Calculating Gable height knowing wall length and roof pitch. Divide this amount by the run of the roof pitch. 144 / 12 = 12. Multiply this 12 by the roof pitch rise. At the highest point the Gable is 6′ high.

What angle do you cut rafters?

Step 1: MARK AND CUT THE FIRST RAFTER ENDS The ridge end of the rafter, and often the eve end, will need to be cut to the angle of the roof slope. The roof on this shed is a 4 in 12 slope which makes it a 18 and one half degree angle on the board ends. A rafter or speed square will have marks for both of these angles.

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What angle do you cut roof trusses?

The traditional method has been [rise inches]/[12 run inches]. So if your roof is a 45 degree angle (that is, for every 12″ along the horizontal (run), it rises 12″) it’s a 12/12 pitch. If it rises only 6″ for every 12″, it’s a 6/12 pitch. Roof pitch, rafters and how to calculate angles.

Pitch Angle
3/12 14.0
4/12 18.4
5/12 22.6
6/12 26.5


How much does Lowes charge to install siding?

Cost of Lowes Vinyl Siding

Lowes Vinyl Siding Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Lowes Vinyl Siding – Installation Cost $252.00 – $384.00 $360.00 – $516.00
Lowes Vinyl Siding – Total $372.00 – $576.00 $528.00 – $768.00
Lowes Vinyl Siding – Total Average Cost per square foot $3.95 $5.40


What is the best tool to use to cut vinyl siding?

A utility knife is typically the best tool for cutting vinyl siding when you’re making longitudinal cuts along the length of a plank. If you’re only making a few vertical cuts, it’s best to use tin snips or a hand saw.

How do you estimate siding?

Add together the square footage you calculated for the sides of your home and the additional areas. Subtract the uncovered areas’ square footage from the total amount you calculated in step four. Divide this number by 100 to get the number of squares of siding you will need to order.

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