How To Cut Concrete Siding?

How To Cut Concrete Siding?

What do you use to cut cement siding?

For cutting fiber- cement siding, it’s best to use a 4- to 6-tooth polycrystalline diamond-tipped (PCD) blade made specifically for fiber- cement. Regular carbide blades will cut fiber cement, but they dull relatively quickly, and if you attempt a gang cut, the blades overheat and can warp.

How do you cut James Hardie fiber cement siding?

For a larger project, use a fiber cement saw blade with polycrystalline diamond tips; if you’re installing Hardie siding on a shed or other small building you can use a fiber cement saw blade with carbide tips. For installations with more or longer cuts, the carbide blade will burn out much more quickly.

What kind of saw blade do you need to cut Hardie board?

x 4-Teeth Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tipped James Hardie /Fiber Cement Saw Blade.

Can you cut cement board with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw can cut straight cuts, rounded cuts, and is the best choice if you need to cut a circular piece or an irregular shape out of the cement board. Fit the jigsaw with a metal- cutting blade or a carbide-grit blade.

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Can you cut Hardie plank with a regular saw blade?

Cement Board – Cutting Tools Carbide-tipped blades are made specifically for this kind of work. You can use a jigsaw, table saw or circular saw, or another tool, as long as it’s equipped with the right kind of blade. Once prepared, cut the Hardie board as you would any other material.

Can I cut siding with a grinder?

Die grinder not bad but hard to hold a straight line. Cheap harbor freight cutoff wheel. As others have said, install a blade BACKWARDS in your Skilsaw and it won’t splinter the siding to all hell and back. I have used just a regular zip cut blade on the grinder and it does a great job.

Can you cut Hardie board with a circular saw?

Straight cuts in cement backer board can be made using a circular saw. Cement backer board can be cut with a carbide-tipped scoring tool, just score and snap the sheet, similar to cutting drywall.

What kind of screws do you use for Hardie board?

What type of fastener do you recommend for floor and wall applications of HardieBacker┬« cement board? In compliance with the tile industry, James Hardie recommends 1-1/4” long galvanized or stainless steel roofing nails (0.121” shank x 3/8” HD) or 1-1/4” long corrosion resistant ribbed waferhead screws (No.

What is the best tool to cut cement board?

The simplest way to cut cement backer board is to score the surface and snap the sheet along the scored line, similar to the way you’d cut drywall. In fact, you can use a drywall utility knife to score backer board, but a better option is a carbide-tipped scoring tool.

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Is Hardie board dust dangerous?

Breathing dust that contains respirable crystalline silica can lead to silicosis, a deadly lung disease. Respirable dust is that fraction of the aerosol that is small enough to reach the deeper, gas-exchange regions of the lungs.

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