How Do You Attach Window Boxes To Vinyl Siding?

How Do You Attach Window Boxes To Vinyl Siding?

Can you hang window boxes on vinyl siding?

The most common method for attaching window boxes to the side of the house involves using screws, but if you have vinyl siding, bypass the drilling by using vinyl siding hooks. Slide the hooks into the seam of the siding, and you ‘re ready to hang your planter.

How do you hang a window box without drilling?

The easiest way to hang a window box without drilling is to purchase vinyl siding hangers for a window box, or to get a no- drill window box. If you cannot do that, another option to consider is to plant your garden on a balcony or near a window ledge rather than stick to an outdoor window box.

Do window boxes damage your house?

High-quality window boxes will not damage your home one bit if you follow a few simple steps. The window box material must be able to withstand the weight and not sag, bend or break. If you want to make a traditional wood window box, you should use redwood or cedar.

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How do you hang something on vinyl siding?

The easiest and safest way to hang something from vinyl siding is to use a siding hook. It slips into the groove between adjoining slats, and once it clicks into place, you can hang items as heavy as 12 pounds.

How do you secure a window box?

To stop your window boxes falling off, always make sure they’re secured. Metal brackets bolted to the wall can extend your windowsills, as well as help to secure the containers. You could also screw eyelets into the wall each side of the window box, then tie in the window box with some strong wire.

Where do you put a window box?

Ensure you place the box right at the center of the brackets. The simplest way of doing this is by measuring out the overhang of the mounting brackets. Either side of the window box should hang three inches over the brackets. Ensure that your window us facing outwardly if your window box side is angled.

Do window boxes need drainage holes?

It’s absolutely necessary that a window box have drainage holes so plants do not sit in soggy soil. If your box does not come with holes, you will need to drill holes in the bottom before installation.

How do you secure a window box to Brick?


  1. Measure and mark the center of the window.
  2. Use a hammer-drill and ½-inch-diameter carbide-tipped masonry drill bit to bore holes into the brick.
  3. Tap a plastic wall anchor into each hole with a hammer.
  4. Fasten each mounting bracket to the brick wall with a lag screw.
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Should a window box be wider than the window?

For the best visual effect, your window box should be at least as wide as the window but should not extend more than three inches beyond the trim on each side.

Are window boxes hard to maintain?

While window boxes are easy to maintain, you should take some precautions to prolong their life and keep the plants healthy. Planning how your window box will be used before you start planting will keep problems to a minimum.

Are window boxes tacky?

Window boxes are the answer. Some people worry that a window box will look tacky against they’re home. My advice, paint your brackets the same color as your house. It’s just a few strokes and suddenly your box will look chic and seamless, like it’s always belonged there.

Do you put window boxes on every window?

A good rule of thumb: Match the width of the flower box to the width of the window. Use smaller flower boxes on smaller windows, and larger ones on larger windows.

Will command strips damage vinyl siding?

Can you use Command strips on vinyl siding? Absolutely, you can use Command strips on vinyl siding. These are simple to use and do not create any damage. They are easy to apply and remove with no residue.

Is it OK to put screws through vinyl siding?

Fit a cordless drill with a standard wood bit about 1/16 inch larger than the screw if you’re drilling through vinyl or steel siding. Use a carbide or masonry bit if the siding is a composite or concrete-fiber product. Switch to a drill bit 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch smaller than the diameter of screw you will install.

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Can Command hooks be used on vinyl siding?

Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard. Command ™ Outdoor Products can also be used on smooth, sealed and finished surfaces including vinyl siding and fences, doors, windows, decks, gutters and trim.

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