FAQ: Where Is Marley Cedral Siding Sold?

FAQ: Where Is Marley Cedral Siding Sold?

How much does cedral cladding cost?

Cedral is distributed through stockists and so any pricing questions should be checked with the nearest Cedral stockists. To give a rough approximation, on average Cedral costs between £25 and £30 per metre squared for Cedral Lap and between £35 and £40 per metre squared for Cedral Click (excluding fitting).

Who makes cedral cladding?

As part of the global building materials group Etex, our residential range of products now unites worldwide under the Cedral brand, offering you more choice, more services and more expertise to make your build as easy as possible.

What is Marley cedral cladding?

Marley Eternit’s fibre cement Cedral Lap weatherboard cladding is fitted in a traditional, lapped style to retain robustness and longetivity. With the visual appeal of natural timber, simplicity of installation and resistance to rot, Cedral Lap is an innovative, low-maintenance choice for cladding.

How thick is cedral cladding?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH OTHER FIBRE-CEMENT WEATHERBOARDS? As Cedral is thicker (10 mm), the weatherboards (see our cladding range) are more shock resistant. As Cedral planks are 190 mm wide, you can install up to 10 planks less per 100 m².

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What is the cheapest house cladding?

Vinyl cladding or uPVC cladding is usually the most affordable external cladding choice. The total cost will vary based on the selected type and style of vinyl cladding, which may range between $30/m2 and $100/m2, as well as the installation cost, which is around $100 per square metre.

What is the cheapest exterior cladding?

Timber is by far the cheapest option for external cladding. Depending on the size of the building and design of cladding chosen, the number of boards needed varies. On average around 600 boards will be required for a single-storey small property installation.

How much does cement board cladding cost?

Fibre – cement cladding costs Fibre – cement cladding offers a low-maintenance exterior finish at a similar price point to mid-range timber products. Expect to pay from £25 per m2 on a supply-only basis, up to around £50-£60 per m2 fully installed.

Is Fibre cement cladding safe?

As our fibre cement cladding has the highest fire rating, it will help to keep you and your family safe from fire in your home. The rating A2, means that the cladding is non combustible and will not contribute to the spreading of fire. Due to James Hardie cladding holding the classification of A2 s1-d0.

What is cement board cladding?

It is a sustainable material made of cement, cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres and water, allowing for strong and high-performance cladding that adds value to your home. Learn more. Environmentally friendly.

Is cedral cladding fireproof?

Your home has an important role protecting you, your family and your friends. An unpleasant subject perhaps, but the risk of fire is always lurking. It is good to know that Cedral weatherboards are made of fibre cement, which is a fire-resistant material.

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Is cedral cladding waterproof?

Providing our customers with innovative products and solutions that help them lower their carbon footprints. Factory-applied colours: Thanks to their high-quality, water-based acrylic paint coat, our fibre-cement weatherboards are 100% waterproof. Cedral offers a wide range of colours to suit all project requirements.

What do you cut cedral cladding with?

Most projects will require you to cut cladding to size, Cedral Weatherboard can be cut with a handsaw, guillotine, electric jigsaw or circular saw.

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