FAQ: How To Paint Old Aluminum Siding?

FAQ: How To Paint Old Aluminum Siding?

Is it better to paint or replace aluminum siding?

Your aluminum siding will need to be painted again in a few years to maintain it. Painting is recommended every 4-6 years depending climate and wear and tear. Though painting may seem cost effective, having to repaint over and over really adds up. In the long-run, it’ll cost more than installing new vinyl siding.

What kind of paint do you use on aluminum siding?

As mentioned before, 100 percent acrylic latex paint is the best paint to use to paint aluminum siding.

How can I make old aluminum siding look better?

The key to successful painting of aluminum siding is oil-base primer. As good as latex primers are these days, don’t use them in this situation because chemicals in the mix will react badly with the aluminum. That said, the paint itself should be the highest grade of 100% acrylic exterior latex you can find.

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Do you need to sand aluminum siding before painting?

Sand any roughness to a smooth finish before applying primer or paint. Do I need to sand aluminum siding before painting? No. Use a quality cleaner, which is relatively cheap, to remove dirt, mold and mildew.

Can you power wash aluminum siding?

Power washing can be too harsh for some aluminum siding, or other types of exterior siding like vinyl, brick or stucco. Unfortunately, too much pressure can do more harm than good. Sometimes it damages the material or pushes the aluminum away from the structure of the house.

When did they stop using aluminum siding?

Aluminum used to be the most common material for siding from the 1940s through the 1970s, but it has slowly decreased in popularity since then.

Do I need to prime aluminum before painting?

The non-porous surface of aluminum simply doesn’t hold paint well. Experts agree that a primer allows all your painting efforts to last longer and look better on the aluminum surface. It will oxidize and chip without a proper primer.

Is it cheaper to paint or replace aluminum siding?

If you decide to paint your home’s old siding yourself, you’ll save on the cost of paying someone else to do it. Even if you decide to pay someone, it’s still cheaper to paint your old siding rather than replace it.

How do you paint aluminum siding with a sprayer?

Never start spraying in the middle of the siding. Angle the spray gun upwards to coat the narrow edge of each siding piece. To minimize over- spray, use a smaller spray tip and turn the pressure down on the sprayer. Two coats of paint are best for durability.

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What will clean aluminum siding?

Cleaning aluminum siding can be a quick and easy task, and Simple Green Oxy Solve House and Siding Cleaner can help make it even easier. It uses peroxide to brighten and renew surfaces without bleach, while removing dirt and stains from mold, mildew, moss, algae, chalking and more.

How do you clean chalky aluminum siding?

If your hand is chalky then you have to remove the chalk before you paint. This can be done by using an aluminum siding cleaning product that can be purchased at many home improvement stores along with a scrub brush or abrasive sponge and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

What’s better vinyl or aluminum siding?

Installation, including removal of the old materials, is typically as affordable as aluminum siding, but vinyl is a superior, longer-lasting choice. Vinyl offers energy-efficiency, durability, and lower maintenance, with a lower total cost of ownership over the years.

How do you prep aluminum siding before painting?

Step 1: Prep the siding Scrape off any peeling paint with a paint scraping tool. Then, using a combination of ten parts water to one part bleach, remove any noticeable mildew. If your aluminum siding is particularly grimy, you might consider renting a power washer from your local home improvement store.

What do you clean aluminum siding with before painting?

You can use a cleaner specially designed for aluminum siding, but a mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water works just as well. Use the directions on the TSP package to mix the cleaner correctly. You can add a cup of chlorine bleach to the mixture if your siding also has mildew on it.

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Can you paint aluminum siding a darker color?

However, there is no such problem with using darker color for aluminum siding surfaces. You just need to remember that the finish coat of paint that you use on aluminum siding surfaces should be acrylic exterior grade paint.

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