FAQ: How To Match Siding?

FAQ: How To Match Siding?

Is it hard to match vinyl siding?

Getting replacement vinyl siding that matches your existing siding will either be the easiest or most difficult part of the repair. Besides coming in textures and colors not found in nature (like some of the above), vinyl siding patterns and colors can be discontinued which makes it difficult to match.

How do you match old siding to new?

The best way to get a replacement piece is to take the broken piece to vinyl siding distributors in your area and find the closest match. If the old vinyl has faded or you can’t find the right color, take the broken piece to a paint store and have the color matched.

How do I find siding to match my house?

How to Match Vinyl Siding Colors

  1. Call the carpenter that installed the vinyl siding originally. If you weren’t living in the house when it was vinyl sided, call the previous owner to find the carpenter’s contact info.
  2. Go to the least visible corner of your home.
  3. Take the sample piece of siding to your local home or siding store.
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Does insurance pay for new siding?

While your homeowners insurance replaces siding damage from specific types of losses, it only covers the parts of your home that are damaged — which can be a bigger deal than you’d think. Sure, wind is a covered loss and your homeowners policy will help pay to replace the siding that’s damaged or missing.

Can you replace siding yourself?

If you need to make a few minor repairs to siding, that should be easy enough. However, if you need to replace the entirety of your exterior home siding, taking it on yourself may not be feasible. You may need to reach out to some friends for help, just like you would to replace a shingle roof.

How do you get new siding with insurance?

Insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing the damaged sections, and then reimburse homeowners up to a certain amount, say about $20,000, of the costs to replace the undamaged siding so that the entire house will match.

Can old aluminum siding be matched?

Making them look the same will likely be impossible. You could replace the damaged siding with an aluminum product as similar to yours as possible and still replace the other two sides later. You’ll still have difficulty making a perfect match, but the difference in appearance might not be as noticeable.

What size siding do I have?

The size of the panel is usually the most important factor. When matching vinyl siding, one needs to measure from the bottom of the panel to the first “lap”. This measurement will typically be 4, 4.5 or 5 inches. There are 2 laps, giving the appearance of 2 boards per each individual panel.

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How do you repair vinyl siding on a house?

How to Repair Vinyl Siding

  1. Clean the Area. First, clean the surrounding damaged area with a sponge, soap and water.
  2. Prepare the Caulk Gun.
  3. Begin Filling the Hole.
  4. Let the Caulk Dry.
  5. Clean the Area.
  6. Cut Out a Patch.
  7. Test the Patch.
  8. Patch the Damage.

What is a zip tool for vinyl siding?

A vinyl siding removal tool (VSRT) is used to separate two interlocked pieces of vinyl siding in order to gain access to the nailing flange for siding removal or repairs. A VSRT is also called a zip tool because the process is similar to unzipping a zipper.

What are the most popular vinyl siding colors?

Popular House Siding Colors

  1. Autumn Red. There are few colors that evoke emotions in people more than red.
  2. Coastal Blue. All shades of blue have grown tremendously in popularity over the last several years.
  3. Cypress.
  4. Desert Tan.
  5. Flagstone.
  6. Forest Green.
  7. Granite Gray.
  8. Light Maple.

Can I paint vinyl siding?

Yes: You Can Paint Vinyl Siding Painting your vinyl siding is not only less expensive than replacing it, painting vinyl siding with our Colors for Vinyl palette gives you the creative freedom that comes with choosing a fresh color scheme for an entirely new look.

What is the best vinyl siding on the market?

What are the Best Vinyl Siding Brands?

  • Georgia Pacific Siding.
  • James Hardie Siding.
  • Kaycan Siding.
  • Mastic (Ply Gem) Siding.
  • Mitten Siding.
  • Napco Siding.
  • Norandex Siding.
  • Royal Siding.

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