FAQ: How To Install Sunsetter Awning On Vinyl Siding?

FAQ: How To Install Sunsetter Awning On Vinyl Siding?

Can you install retractable awning on vinyl siding?

This type of awning is typically installed on the side of a house to provide shade for a deck or patio. Install a retractable awning on the vinyl siding of your home by first determining the type of awning you want and then installing the mounting brackets.

How much does it cost to have a SunSetter awning installed?

Awning Cost Calculator

National Average $2,706
Typical Range $1,385 – $4,110
Low End – High End $400 – $6,798

How do you find studs under vinyl siding?

Select a piece a couple of feet from the wall corner and a couple feet from the bottom of the wall, this is a point in the job where a consistent nail pattern should have been established, combined with a tape measure, measuring 16 inches on center should find your studs with a high degree of accuracy.

Can you buy vinyl siding by the piece?

Yes. Just make sure they are by the same manufacturer or at least will lock together at the horizontal connections. Best to take an actual sample piece of existing siding to your building supply so they can order the right product.

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How do you attach an awning to a house?

Mark the location of the awning on the side of the house, making sure it is level. Pop a caulk line to mark the position for the support brackets. Attach the brackets to the house even with the chalk line, making sure they are plumb. Lift the awning into place and bolt it to the brackets.

Can you attach an awning to a fence?

You would need sturdy bolts because the wall bolts supplied are not up to the job. Also bear in mind that when the awning is out there is a lot of weight hanging off the wall and it could pull the wall over if you are fastening to something like a free standing fence.

Are retractable awnings worth the money?

Once the colder season comes, your awning can retract, letting the sunshine in and making your home heating costs a little lighter in the process. Between energy savings, long lifespan, and the benefits to quality of life that retractable awnings can confer, it seems safe to say that they’re worth every penny.

Can SunSetter awnings be used in the rain?

Answer: Our Traditional Laminated Fabric is 100% waterproof, and will protect you from rain and passing showers, as long as the water does not pool on the fabric. To let rain water run right off your 1000XT Model, just lower one side of the awning slightly.

Does Home Depot sell retractable awnings?

Retractable Awning – Awnings – Doors & Windows – The Home Depot.

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Does Costco sell SunSetter awnings?

The SunSetter motorized retractable awning makes your deck or patio as much as 20-degrees cooler, while guarding your family and guests from harmful UV rays. Sunsetter Customer Service, please call 1-800-257-6614 for questions or assistance with your order.

How high should I mount my SunSetter awning?

SunSetter awnings require a minimum height of 7 feet 6 inches from your deck or patio floor to the bottom of any roof, eave, or overhang. Note: 1000XT models require only 7 feet.

What sizes do SunSetter awnings come in?

Available widths: 8 ft. and 10 ft. to 18 ft., in one-foot increments. Projection: Up to 10 feet 2 inches from your house (the 10 and 11 foot awnings extend out 9 feet, and the 8 foot wide awning extends out 7 feet).

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