FAQ: How To Install Smart Board Siding?

FAQ: How To Install Smart Board Siding?

How do you nail LP SmartSide?

All LP SmartSide trim should be fastened with the nails spaced a maximum of 24 inches apart, with at least two nails in each stud. Or you may fasten every 12 inches with a pattern alternating edges along the trim. Every nail should be placed 3/8-inch from the corresponding outside edge.

How much do you overlap smart siding?

Joints must always occur over stud locations. Siding joints shall be staggered over successive courses. Overlap successive courses of siding a minimum of 1”. Siding shall be installed with top (blind) nail placed 3/8” from each end, and 3/4 in.

Can you screw smart siding?

Do not use electroplated fasteners. 38 Series and 76 Series panels must be installed on framing spaced no greater than 16 inch o.c. Do not force siding into place.

Is Smart Siding any good?

For contractors, business owners and homeowners who want the look of wood without the maintenance or cost, LP SmartSide siding is a good fit. The company builds siding products that have the beauty and warmth of wood, but with added durability.

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Why is LP siding bad?

LP’s Inner-Seal siding featured a 25-year warranty. However, in many cases, the siding rotted, disintegrated, and became discolored. Some plaintiffs alleged that the siding grew fungi. The product’s instability was readily apparent in the aftermath of South Florida’s devastating encounter with Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Can I use a framing nailer for LP SmartSide?

Using a nail gun makes quick work of installing LP SmartSide products. You will want to use a minimum of. 113-inch shank diameter, hot-dipped, galvanized box-style nail with a minimum of. 270-inch head diameter.

Do you face nail LP SmartSide?

Siding should be installed with top ( blind ) nailing, with the nails placed a mini- mum of 3/8 in (9.5 mm) from either end. Siding may be face nailed as required.

Does LP smart siding need to be primed before painting?

According to the terms of LP’s application instructions, all exposed edges of LP ® SmartSide ® siding and trim must be primed and painted with approved paint to protect the siding substrate.

How often does LP smart siding need to be painted?

LP ® SmartSide ® products should be painted as soon as possible after installation. They must be painted within 180-days of installation. Refer to the installation instructions for proper finishing of the siding and trim.

Do you need OSB under SmartSide?

You do NOT need to install OSB or plywood sheathing before installing the LP SmartSide product and racking force from shear wind becomes much less of an issue due to the increased strength of the exterior walls. LP SmartSide Siding Installed on Single Wall Construction = an Asset.

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How long does it take to install LP smart siding?

Therefore, you can expect installation to take an average of 10 to 12 days. If the siding needs painting, expect the job to last an additional five days.

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