FAQ: How Long Will Cedar Siding Last On A House?

FAQ: How Long Will Cedar Siding Last On A House?

Should I buy a house with cedar siding?

Cedar is a renewable resource, grown specifically for the housing industry in this country. It takes little energy to produce, unlike vinyl siding. It is biodegradable, but when properly cared for will not rot. That makes it a great choice for a maintained house.

Is Cedar good for exterior siding?

While there is more upkeep required, the long-term durability of cedar siding is excellent, especially when compared with vinyl siding. Cedar shingles and shakes are available to complement cedar siding and produce a beautifully blended exterior for your home. Installation and repair of cedar siding is relatively easy.

How do you know when cedar siding needs to be replaced?

How Do I Know If I Should Replace My Siding?

  1. It’s Cracked or Loose. Especially after a significant storm, your siding may be in rough condition.
  2. It’s Faded or Peeling.
  3. It’s Rotting or Warping.
  4. It Has Holes or Damage.
  5. It’s Growing.
  6. It’s Bringing the Outside In.
  7. Your Bills Have Gone Up.
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Is cedar siding durable?

Durability & Maintenance With proper maintenance, cedar siding can last for many years. Cedar is a very durable species of wood that resists rot and pests much better than other types of wood. With cedar, the most important thing is to minimize exposure to moisture which can cause rot.

What are the disadvantages of cedar wood?

Cedar Disadvantage

  • Requires Maintenance. Due to being softwood, cedar needs regular maintenance.
  • Flammable. Cedar is a flammable wood.
  • Fading Color. Changes color over time due to chemical reactions.
  • Sensitive. Cedar is a sensitive wood.
  • Weakness. While cedar is a common material in construction.

Does cedar siding add value to your home?

Although cedar is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum siding, its insulating qualities will cut your energy bills. Cedar also tends to last longer than vinyl or aluminum, and it often boosts your home’s resale value.

Does cedar siding need maintenance?

Cedar siding is very durable against the elements but still requires regular maintenance and depending on the climate should be restained every few years. The most damaging element to cedar siding is moisture. Regular inspection and minor repairs to prevent moisture damage help prolong the finish.

Does cedar siding attract bugs?

Cedar has a porous structure compared to other woods. Cedar is used in areas that tend to attract destructive insects because it repels them so well. This is the same benefit that you will see on the exterior of your home.

How often does cedar siding need to be sealed?

Maintaining sealed cedar siding Properly applied high-quality stain should last 5 to 7 years. This greatly depends on the climate you are located. Some sealing may need a light re-coating ever two years. There are ways homeowners can extend the lifespan of their sealed cedar siding.

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Should I power wash my cedar siding?

Power washing can be used to clean cedar as long as the sprayer is set at a low pressure to prevent damaging the wood’s soft surface. For cedar siding with a smooth surface, scrape the paint and clean the cedar before painting.

How much does it cost to repair cedar siding?

Wood Siding Repair Cost On average, repairing wood siding costs $1,400 but can range from $200 to $5,000. Patching holes is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix at about $100 per hole.

What can I use to replace cedar siding?

Hardiboard siding is an ALTERNATIVE siding to cedar wood siding as are vinyl and aluminum sidings. Everyone hates or at least should hate the cheap ugly look of vinyl siding so hardiboard siding is a much better option.

How do you maintain cedar siding?

Like other types of external siding, cedar is prone to accumulation of dust and dirt. You have to clean it twice a year to keep it easier. Use a soap and water solution for general cleaning to scrub the siding and then wash it down. You can use some bleach if you have mold and mildew problems.

Why is cedar siding so expensive?

Fiber cement siding runs a few dollars less per square foot than cedar siding, and requires more labor to install because it is heavy and, hence, durable. Cedar siding is more costly to maintain than fiber cement siding because it needs to be treated or painted more often.

Is cedar siding expensive?

Cedar is pricey, at an average of $5-7 per square foot. The installation process is less involved than fiber cement siding. But this is offset by the frequent upkeep required—including repainting, restaining, replacing rotted boards, etc.

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