Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy QuickTrim?

QuickTrim is available at many lumberyards. For a list of yards in your area, see our dealer list.

Where can I use QuickTrim?

QuickTrim System PVC trim boards are used for sub rakes, frieze boards, mantels, fascia, soffit, casings, mounting blocks, and sill. Applications for virtually any exterior trim project on your home.

How do I cut QuickTrim?

QuickTrim cuts easily with the same tools used with wood. Carbide blades work best. Special care should be used when using jig or band saws as they may cause excessive heat and melt the PVC along the edges. Make sure the entire board is supported across the cut length to avoid rough edges.

Which fasteners do I use with QuickTrim?

Because the fasteners are hidden from the face of the board, you can use any exterior grade fastener with a flat head. Be sure the fastener is attached to a solid surface.

What is the cost of QuickTrim compared to regular PVC boards?

QuickTrim System is the next generation in hidden fastening installation. Although the cost of the board is more than a board without the system on it, QTS makes up for the difference by saving the costs of expensive fastener systems, caulking, painting, and ease of installation (saving labor costs).

How long has QuickTrim been around?

Although QuickTrim was introduced in 2017 as a new line, it has been around for 10 years. Trim Solutions has been supplying pre-fabricated surrounds and trim since 2006 with the QuickTrim System for over 10 years!

Will QuickTrim warp after it’s installed?

No. When installed correctly, QuickTrim will be able to expand and contract without warping. Because the Starter Strip and Nailing Flange are friction fit and the fastening holes have space to move, it allows the board to move without warping.

Will QuickTrim Expand and Contract?

Yes. Like most building materials, PVC will expand and contract with the change in temperature. QuickTrim safely allows for the expansion and contraction with the friction fit nailing flange and starter strip, as well as, the wider nailing slots. Proper gapping is required for 18’ or longer installations. See our installation instructions for more information.

Can QuickTrim be painted?

QuickTrim does not require painting but can be painted with a 100% acrylic latex paint or other paints specifically formulated for vinyl products (Sherwin-Williams Resilience). Do not paint QuickTrim with a paint with an LRV of less than 55% (darker colors).  See our installation instructions for more information.

What glue do you recommend?

There are many types of glue that work on PVC boards. You’ll want to pay attention to the dry times of the adhesive to match your installation needs. Kleer PVC Cement or the line of Kleer Cellular PVC 2-part Adhesives work very well. For very fast set up times (10 sec), use Loctite Professional Super Glue.

What size boards does QTS come in?

QuickTrim is available in 5/4” (1” nominal) boards in widths of 3 ½”, 5 ½”, 7 ¼”, 9 ¼”, 11 ¼”, 15 ¼” and in lengths of 12’ and 20’. QuickTrim is also available in premade corners of 3 ½” and 5 ½” widths at 10’ and 20’ lengths. Mounting blocks are also available in various sizes for lights, security cameras, house number plates, electrical panels, etc.

Does QuickTrim get dirty on the jobsite?

QuickTrim boards are shrink wrapped at the plant so they remain clean until they are ready to be installed. If they get dirty during installation (or after) they can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution or products such as Windex or Spray 9.

What is the Starter Strip?

The Starter Strip comes attached to the board when you buy it and is commonly known as a vinyl J-Channel. We have renamed the vinyl J-Channel as the Starter Strip to avoid confusion with the optional J-Channel that is routed on the opposite side of the board.

Can I get the QuickTrim with a J-Channel?

Yes. QuickTrim is available with the option of the J-Channel typically used with vinyl siding.

Is QuickTrim Patented?

Yes, The QuickTrim System is patented by Trim Solutions.

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