Company Overview

For over 10 years, Trim Solutions has been manufacturing pre-fabricated surrounds and trim with completely hidden fasteners. We don’t hide nails or screws with plugs, caulking, or paint – we simply remove them from the face of the board.

In 2017, we introduced the QuickTrim System, a PVC board complete with a nailing flange and a starter strip without the need for fasteners on the face of the board. QuickTrim System provides contractors with the ability to cut and install their own fastener-free trim right on the job-site. It’s fast and easy with a professional, clean, finished look that is low maintenance – the way PVC was intended to be.

QuickTrim System PVC trim boards are used for sub rakes, frieze boards, fascia, casings, historic and brick mould sills. Applications for virtually any exterior trim on your job.

We’re proud of QuickTrim System and truly believe it’s the Next Generation Hidden Fastening System. We hope you’ll agree!

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