QuickTrim System

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QuickTrim System

Next Generation Hidden Fastening System 

QuickTrim System is an exterior PVC flat stock board that comes standard with a nailing flange and starter strip providing the ultimate fastener-free finish for exterior home trim. Say goodbye to screws and plugs. With QuickTrim System there is no need to penetrate the face of the board which leaves a professional, clean and finished look every time. The way PVC was intended to be. QuickTrim System offers an optional j-channel for use with vinyl siding and is the fastest and most cost effective hidden-fastening solution on the market. These PVC flat stock boards are low maintenance and don’t require face nailing, painting or caulking. They’re durable, weather resistant and won’t rot or split like wood.

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Those surrounds are the bomb! They went on in one minute and look great. I will never trim another house without using the QuickTrim System.  AWESOME!


Franklin, MA

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